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Invention 7 in E minor

This week’s video features Bach’s Invention 7 in E minor,  BWV 778. There’s plenty of ornamentation including a couple multiple-measure trills which all add to the character of this piece.

I was just discussing Bach’s music with someone this week. We talked about the many interpretations and tempos used when playing his music. You can hear a variety of styles ranging from heavy use of the sustain pedal to mechanically unexpressive. While it’s generally accepted that any use of the sustain pedal is unthinkable, there are endless debates regarding how fast or slow Bach’s music should be performed. It’s tempting to select a tempo and adhere to a strict meter throughout the entire piece. However, adding a subtle amount of rubato (a relaxation of strict time) and artistic phrasing can go a long way towards adding character and emotion to the music. This is my goal, and I hope I have been able to successfully portrait this in my performances.

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